“Carly Ozard has carved out a niche as San Francisco’s premiere cabaret psychotherapy patient… Through sarcastic, self-deprecating and very funny anecdotes, Ozard, now a transplant to the Big Apple, tells her stories of disappointment, anxiousness and commitment through an eclectic collection of material from Broadway to folk pop to 80’s anthem rock.” — Steve Murray, Cabaret Scenes 

“Ozard is on Top of the ‘Hit-O-Meter’. In fact, her show is so good she broke the Meter. Here’s the deal: This musical is not “All About Eve” — well not entirely. What gets really interesting is when Carly gets on “The Streetcar Named Desire” and literally bumps into John Waters– Lee Hartgrave,

“Carly Ozard, who is visiting [New York] from San Francisco, proves again that there has to be something special in their water out there … another powerhouse vocalist who treated us to 2 tunes from her Freddie Mercury show that she did in her NY Cabaret debut at Don’t Tell Mama on Friday the 25th. (I was sorry to have to miss it actually after having this wonderful taste of both the show and of Carly singing this music.) She was wonderful.” — Sue Matsuki, Stu Hamstra Cabaret Hotline Online

“Carly Ozard gives a commanding performance…great vocal chops!” — Richard Connema –

“Ozard sings with a distinctive voice…” — San Francisco Bay Times

“A powerfully beautiful voice…” Annette Lust – Annette Lust Reviews

“The highlight of the program was an inventive medley of Freddie Mercury tunes delivered by Carly [Ozard] to great acclaim!” — Donna Sachet – Bay Area Reporter

“A 23-year-old pursuing cabaret and musical theater…Bright young voice… VERY seasoned.” — San Francisco Bay Times

“Carly Ozard is a Cabaret-style singing blowzy tart.” ” — Keith Kreitman – San Mateo Times

“Imagine a cabaret version of Kathy Griffin and you’ll begin to get the idea. Ozard, accompanied by pianist Barry Lloyd and bassist Daniel Fabricant, likes to refashion lyrics to songs to suit her show’s theme, usually to good comic effect, and when she chooses to use her big Broadway belt, she can make a strong emotional connection with her audience. This was an auspicious beginning to what could be a bright cabaret career. It’s been too long since we had a brassy, belting broad on the local cabaret stage.” ” — Chad Jones

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